Friday, May 6, 2011

Waiting for someone who will never come.......

A very long queue at the food counter, waiting to order the food....
She is waiting for her turn , she turns around to check the availability of seats. 
And suddenly she could see those eyes looking at her!! Her heartbeat goes high...
She turns back and after few seconds,  turns again to confirm..
No, he is not there!!!

Waiting in front of the Entrance of a Cinema hall.. 
She feels  some one standing very near to her..... She could feel him, his presence, his breath.
Her heartbeat raises up..
She doesn't want to loose those feelings, waits for him to touch her....

She is in the bus to go back home. 
Some one is calling her by THAT name.. It was only he, 
who used to call her by that name. She turns back  with a shivering heart, 
No one is there.....

She is in a holiday resort, enjoying with the family...  
She could see a large group of men talking and laughing ... 
Yes, she can see him. 
He is there in that group... with the same silent smile.... 
she doesn't know how to react. 
She runs to see him...
She comes back with a sigh and tears in her eyes.

Telephone rings... Its always she who runs to take the call......
She is sure, one day he will call to talk to her...
She is online 24x7 to wait for his mail...
Her inbox is an idiot box, it never brings his mail to her...

Her heart cries and she always tries to answer the questions
which goes in vain,...

Will he come back to me some day? 
What will I do when I meet him?
 How will I face him?
Will I be happy or sad,?
Will I cry or smile at him?
Will I go and hug him?
or just leave the place....
and let all my waiting go in vain?
am I ready to face the world for him?
or like a coward  I will deny our relation?
Will I allow my family to be in pain
after I go with him and be happy
about my gain???


  1. Wow nice very nice !:(

  2. Touching and true from your heart.Hope your love be answered :D

  3. Thanks,
    @ UmaAnandane : Its not my love, its just my imagination, but I really wish that if someone is waiting for his/her love, they should get.

  4. its hope tht makes us live our lives n its luv tht makes it beautiful enough

  5. Oh! wonderful presentation.
    It's really heart touching.

    Thanks to your mail due to which
    I could see your nice presentation.

    Please,find time to visit my blog.