Sunday, March 27, 2011

It really hurts :-(

Hi all, 
If you are a regular reader here, you will remember my post 
Today I read the news in the news paper.. The news is from UP... 17 year girl was burnt to death by her parents... 
The reason...
she ran away with her lover and was living in a secret place on March 23. And 
today is 27th March. 
I don't want to write more because it hurts me a lot when I think about this.. May be you are wondering why I am so much concerned about  these cases.  I don't know, sometimes our self experience or something happened in the past with the close ones... makes you feel disturbed.

I Can't end this post with my regular wish :-(

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Abort Plastics!!! Save the Earth.

By Nivedita
Hi All,
God made Man!
God thought Man will serve His purpose to keep this Earth beautiful and safe. 
God gave the Man, his Real Mother. 
He thought, Man will take good care of the Earth.
But God forgot that he has put the brain in man, which acts many times bad and very few times good.
Man ignored the message, Man ignored the signs, Man became selfish. He created many things, which he thought it is for his comforts. But again he forgot the bad effects.(Or acted like one). 
Man invented the PLASTIC
without being FUTURISTIC
now the life will end in TRAGIC
if you use more PLASTIC
take a step of DRASTIC
to increase the life of Earth like an ELASTIC
say NO  to PLASTIC
My humble request to all of you: SAY NO TO PLASTIC
(Can't you hear my cry? I am crying for many years, Try being in a plastic bag just for one minute. You will know my pain. )

Don't make God  feel ashamed of creating man. Do not test Mother Earth's patience. Its my Earth, your Earth and our Earth. Lets do whatever we can do to stop using plastic. 
Have mercy on those innocent animals, which are dying everyday by consuming the dirty plastic which we throw in the dustbin without thinking much.
Have you ever thought about those water animals, which gets killed by gulping the plastic bags, bottles or many things which we put in the water, sometimes for fun, sometimes in the name of God...
Don't kill other living beings for your comfort.

Some tips to substitute the plastic:
Take a cloth or jute bag when you are going for shopping.
Use paper bags, it saves your money too.
Stop using plastic bottles to carry.

Each great dream starts with one first step.
Let's all of us be that step.

Note – Hope you get the conveyed message. Stop using plastic, or it may choke us all to death. Please support this cause by writing against Plastic use in your own way, and copy-paste this note at the end of your post, so that more and more people write about it, Thank you!
Thanks Sourav C. Pandey for trying to spread this message.

(This subject reminds of my poem, which I wrote for my daughter, its on saving the trees:
Read it here.)

Keep Smiling,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Myself - Self Introduction

Hi All,
There was a speech competition in our Ladies Club on the occasion of International Women's Day. Because of the time limitations and my job, I was not sure about my participation.But our President was keen on my participation. She wanted me to take part in it. Last night I started writing and as I was not feeling well, I stopped in the middle and went to sleep. Early in the morning., when I woke up for my daughter's study, I thought let me finish it at least. And I could finish it within half an hour. I know I would have written still beautifully, because of my laziness, I missed the first prize.  Here is the speech which I gave and got the second prize, The prize was not only for the content, the judges looked for the presentation, the way we deliver the speech, the confidence and  many things. I will upload the video as soon as I get it.

I started my speech with a lines in "Sheila ki jawani" tune(one of our member started crying when she finished giving her speech, I wanted everyone feel light and happy and I was succeeded in it)
My name is Nivedita...
yeh hai meri Kahani,
yeh hai thodi lambi...,
lekin bore na aani" :-)))))
Good evening everyone,
Wishing all of you a very "Happy International Women's day"

When I was born, everyone was smiling 
and only I was crying,
My wish is that,
when I die, 
Only I should be smiling and
everyone should be crying"
Beautiful lines said by some great person.

Don't you think we all should lead a life like that?
I am here to say about myself, express myself.In this world who will give you chance to talk about yourself?
I want to thank Vinaya aunty and Niharika Mahila Mandal for choosing such a wonderful subject.

When I was born,
my mother wanted me to become number one
but, I became jack of all, master of none!!

She wanted me to become a dancer, I joined the class,
and passed two exams,
but, now dancing on the tunes 
of my kids and my husband.

I was scared to enter the swimming pool,
I used to goto a lake to wet my clothes
and show to mom that I attended
the class, until a day she caught me red haded.
Then, I was a Swimming champion,
and I become fish in the water.

I joined to play basketball.
May be I dreamt of becoming  next Michael Jordan,
But, I forgot, it needs lot of hard work and practice,
I remained only a state level player.

I was scared of Mathematics, 
always got 3 out of 25!
I would love to thank my sir, who taught me in 10std,
he taught me to love this subject and I scored
97 out of 100 in board exam.

Everyone wished that I should finish Home science
and build my career, 
but, may be I set a rule to go against the world,
I took a course to build  other's dream house.
In my college, I was the only girl with 100 boys.
I was pampered like a princess, who says boys are bad?

I am a bookworm, read while I cook also,
Read many good books which inspires me to lead a good life.

Computer is my another baby, with which I play around,
I have done many courses, and can repair my own computer :-)

I was shy till I reached twenty five,
But when I joined SSY,
I became bold to talk in front of
as many people as the stars in the sky!!

I never wished to be a working woman,
but, as soon as I finished the course,
I joined a firm and working till now.

I waited 7 years to get the blessings from our parents,
I am lucky to have a good life partner,
My waiting brought the sweet fruits.

'I am a very good wife',
says my husband,
he is lucky to have me in his life,
he repeats often,
I do not believe in it,
as I know how bad I am.

I could see the other part of the world
after the marriage,
which made me more aware about the outside world, 
I am thankful to my husband who always supported me to explore new things.

I am always dedicated towards my work.
Love to work under pressure,
thats why I managed the branch office alone,
while working in Sharjah.

"You are a very bad mother, look others,
they never hit their children"
this is what my daughter says sometimes,
but the same girl
says many times
"I am the best mother she could ever get"
and presses my legs
and brings tears in her eyes, 
If I get even a headache.
There are countless hugs and kisses from
my younger daughter,
to show her love to me
as she is too young to speak properly

Entered the kitchen at the age of seven,
learnt to cook full meals when I reached eleven,
still love to try to cook new food.
I eat anything that is edible.
Have my own blog, where I have written 
more than 400 recipes,
having more than 160 followers from all over the world.

I keep writing my feelings in my blog,
written few stories and few poems, 
that makes me an intellectual person.:-)

Changed the fields to build my career,
from Civil Engineer to Office administrator to a teacher,
Don't know where my life will take me,
But I promise to give my best in everything I do. 

I am not sure whether I proved to be a good daughter
I am not sure what my kids will think about me when they grow big,
I will always give my best.

If I can not be a river,
I want to be a drop in an ocean,
each drop makes the ocean big.
Being a grand daughter of Freedom fighters,
I love my country 
I love to do any thing for it.

I thank my parents for giving me such a wonderful life and my brother who is my backbone and with whom I discuss anything under the Sun.

I would love to finish my Introduction with the same lines:

When I die, 
I want all of you to cry.

Thank you so much..

This was my speech.
Every one said that the speech was very good, the voice was very soft with variations where ever required. I did not stammer any where....
Waiting for the video..
Read and let me know your views or thoughts.