Monday, July 5, 2010

Do you really believe in "HELLO, HOW ARE YOU & I AM FINE????"

Hi All,
With the title above, do you want me to ask "hello, how are you?" Have you ever thought before you wish someone like this? Do you really care for their answer?How many times, have you really waited for the opposite person to answer? 
I know it is just a sentence to start a conversation, but with any unknown person, do you really want to know his answer? 
There are many people, when you ask them this question, they will start the whole story!!!! and next time, you dare to ask them!
When someone wishes you, how will you answer?
Do you answer :
1. Hey I am fine.
2. Everything is fine, but me!!
3. Ohh don't ask me, the life has become worst, nothing is happening right......
Hey I am fine, Life is good. 
How are you? How is your life? 

Next time, whenever you start the conversation, think before you answer this question 
If you are going to wish somebody to start the conversation, PLEASE have patience to wait and hear their answer.
Answer with positive attitude and a smile on your face.

It's just what I feel.
What about you???

Keep Smiling,