Sunday, March 27, 2011

It really hurts :-(

Hi all, 
If you are a regular reader here, you will remember my post 
Today I read the news in the news paper.. The news is from UP... 17 year girl was burnt to death by her parents... 
The reason...
she ran away with her lover and was living in a secret place on March 23. And 
today is 27th March. 
I don't want to write more because it hurts me a lot when I think about this.. May be you are wondering why I am so much concerned about  these cases.  I don't know, sometimes our self experience or something happened in the past with the close ones... makes you feel disturbed.

I Can't end this post with my regular wish :-(


  1. Salute to you pain and sensitivity towards others! Humanity lives and carries on like this!

  2. Hi i read your comment in Sourav Pandey's blog saying "People who believe blogging is an insult should visit your blog once"

    I wanted to inform you people like sourav are only insult to blogging world. almost 90% of his articles are ripped off entirely from other international bloggers. I know being a follower of his blog it might be shocking but i will prove it with one sample.

    Couple of days back he had a post mentioning a dream he had. You would be shocked to know that here is a person who copies another writers fiction and claim it as his real life dream. Can anything be more worst than someone copying a fiction and claiming it to be real life episode? You can understand his genuiness as a blogger as well as a person by this.

    This is sourav's dream post link:

    and this is the original post written in 2008:

  3. @ BlogLeaks
    Thanks for the information. I am shocked to read it.
    still not able to digest the fact about it.

  4. Yes Nivedita!!
    off late there are many death related to honor killing. Every conscientious citizen will and should feel bad about such inhumane act
    malathi S