Thursday, July 15, 2010

Be Kind when you are in....

Hi All,

"When you have the pressure from all the sides in the life, thank God that He thinks you as more responsible and Kind person to handle the situation."

Few days back, I  put this in my status in FB. This came in my mind after what I experienced that day. I am not sure whether I read it somewhere, or my own words or mix of both.
Reading is my passion and I am reading good books from very young age. And forgetting is my habit!!! I always get confused and scared to write something like this, as I feel it should not be copied from some other book.
When I re read the lines again and again, I thought how true this sentence is!! When we face some difficulty in the life, or when we have to suffer for other's mistakes, or when we are in a position to take decision on other's lives, BE KIND.

Yes!! Being kind when you are in pressure or some trouble, gives you more strength to face the situation.
If you do not believe in God, do not thank him, but Be kind.
Be kind with yourself is as important as being kind with others. 

Be kind with yourself, don't hurt yourself, physically or mentally. Give time to your mind to take correct decision.

Be kind with the person, who ever is connected with the problem or with the situation. Being kind and thinking from their point of view allows you to take good decision.

Thank God for choosing you to face the problem and thank Him for thinking You as a more responsible person!!! 

I hope all of you do understand what I meant to say.

Keep Smiling,