Saturday, May 21, 2011

What caste you are?

Hi All,
India is the country full of castes. Each corner has a new caste and different culture. Sometimes it makes us strong and many times it breaks us into pieces. I don't want to go in detail about it as I hate to talk about the caste system.
I just wanted to share a recent experience with you all.
Our family is never bothered about the caste. We have never given more importance to it. Some may feel odd or may not like it, but its the fact. 
Thats why I never thought of teaching my kids about what caste we are.
The other day when we were waiting for the bus in the bus stop, an old lady started talking to my daughter. I have seen the lady in our area, but don't know her personally. So I just allowed my daughter to talk with her.(My daughter loves to talk to old people or young babies, she feels good to talk to them.)
Suddenly that lady asked my daughter "what caste you are?" My daughter was confused. She could not answer the question, but after thinking a while, she told I am an INDIAN!!! 
That lady was ready with the next question, I explained her that my daughter doesn't know what the caste is, It was like a big shock for her.
I was happy with my daughter's answer, but it put me into few questions:
I am married to another caste, and I am sure my kids will face many problems in the future, but I don't want to put any pressure on them now.
Is it really necessary to make the children aware of our caste?  Have I done the right thing? 
Please share your views here.

Keep smiling,


  1. Nive I think your daughter gave a right answer...Be proud of her and yourself..! Just teach them that we are humans..and kindness is our cast...! I don't belive in cast system or nither my family in India or UK ...! I had a similar experiance in India too..I wear AUM and Cross pandant in my chain..someone asked me..! will tell you whole story to you:-)

  2. we grew up in same environment as urs..we r three sisters and my parents never told us about our cast. we got to know when we were giving tenth exams parents explained us when ever someone ask you tell them we r Indians that's it.. we married 3 different guys who came from different parts of India. so u r not alone..kudos to you..

  3. @ Jagruti,
    thanks dear.
    @ badarinathji, thanks for visiting and reading my experience.
    @ anonymous : Thanks for visiting me and for your comments. Its nice to know about the views of your parents. I am happy to know that you too don't believe in all those.
    All the best.

  4. Nivedita!!
    you mean 'caste' naa??
    malathi S

  5. HI Malati
    Thanks, I think the Caste has been replaced with Cast when I was doing spelling check, you can see that I have written Caste in labels.
    Thanks again for informing me..
    Keep visiting. whats your opinion about the caste system?