Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hi All,
Reading the title, I hope you all will not think that I am writing any review about the movie "3 idiots". No. Already many have done the good job about that. I have watched the movie three times and every time, I have fallen in love with the whole team of the movie and of course the writer Chetan Bhagat of "FIVE POINT SOMEONE" 
From past one week, I was in tension for my daughter's study. Her unit tests are starting from tomorrow and she was not studying at all. I am not a mother who is behind marks or rank. But I want her to study regularly for some time and I want her to understand what ever she is studying. I do not want her to by heart everything and get full marks. Her problem is concentration. She won't sit in one place for more than 10 minutes. This time it was out of control as she was not understanding few lessons in Maths and Kannada. So I was in tension and was shouting at her. Three days back, when I was scolding her, she told " Mamma, do not take tension, I will do well in the exam" I asked her how is she going to do, without studying at all. Can you guess her answer?? She told in a cool voice " mamma, I will just keep my hand on my heart and tell   'all iz well, all is well, all is well' !!!!!!

Yes!! sometimes, life is not in our control. If she is not understanding anything, I cannot do any thing. It is in her hand to sit and learn. And I just let it go for 2 days. I stopped shouting and started giving her only instructions about what to do when. It helped me to keep my self cool and more than anything she was happy and studied on her own. Let me see how her unit tests go! After studying also, if she can not get good marks also, it is fine. I am sure she will do well in the next year.
And when you have babies, the life is really out of control. You do not understand what the baby wants, why is he/she crying. We feel so helpless. 
Then comes toddlers, Neither they can speak nor they will understand our instructions! I am going through this situation now. My 2 yr 4 months daughter can not speak clearly. And she won't listen to me also some times.
She wants to eat the noodles her self! even though all noodles will be falling on the floor. At this moment, I feel nothing is in my control. So I just let it go! and enjoy watching her eating. 
She wants to use her sister's book, pencil and everything. If I try to tell her not to touch didi's things, purposely she will do it.
So, now I learnt that, some times, we should let the life go as it is going and enjoy it as it comes. 

Is it possible for any one to say the same for Haiti earthquake and it's victims???? It was not under anyone's control.
We can pray for them with our whole heart and one can help them directly if it is possible.

True!!! saying "all iz well", or being optimistic will really help to have more courage to face the life with smile!
Keep smiling,