Friday, June 18, 2010

Story and theory!!

Hi All, 

Very interesting but confusing title right??? This thought came in my mind, when I read the story which was for my elder daughter in her Kannada book. 

The title of the story was "ಒಂದಾಗಿ ಬಾಳೋಣ" ("Let's live together")

The story goes like this : (it is in Kannada, I am trying to translate it into (my!!)English : 

There were many animals in a thick forest.  And there was a boy who lived with his parents near that forest. All the animals were his friends.
There was a fox who was planning to hunt for 2 little birds. And one day it was successful to catch the birds. The birds started crying and they called all the animals to help but no one helped the birds!!! 
The boy who was playing with his elephant friend heard the crying and came running to help the birds. He scolded the fox for such a shameful act!!! The birds were saved and flied away happily.

The elephant called all the animals for a meeting and he discussed with all the animals. And they came to a conclusion and took an oath that " we will not hurt any one. LET'S LIVE TOGETHER"!!! 

This story is told to 4 to 6 years children. The child grows up with these things in his/her mind. But when the same child goes to 4th or 5th standard, he is introduced to  "Survival of the fittest" theory which explains that it is very  natural for any animal to kill the other animal for its survival!!!!

How are you going to explain the child about which one is true!!!

Please keep in mind that, I am not against Panchtantra stories or any thing similar to that! and I have not studied the theory in deep. 

This was just a thought came in my mind, when I read the story for my daughter!!!

Any suggestions are welcome!!! 
Keep Smiling,