Thursday, March 7, 2013

W O M E N- Happy Women's Day

Hi All,
Today, came on FB and saw many wishes on Women's Day.. Searched few wishes on Google to put on my status, but not so happy with anything.
Then thought of writing something on the Word WOMEN itself. When I observed the word I got many words in that one WORD: Still can make many words, but I left 3 words...
So here it goes...

There is WE in women, 
who always think as WE not only ME!
There is NEW in women
who always think about doing something new
There is OMEN in women
who always think good about others.
There is NOW in women,
who always(Now) is ready to serve others.
There is OWN in women
who knows her ownself
There is ME in Women,

HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY to ME and all the wonderful women in the World....