Friday, February 4, 2011

At the end of the day, your child is your blood and skin!

Hi All,
I am here after a long time. Thanks for visiting me here when I am not around.
I am here with little disturbed mind and angry thoughts. Recently I read a story in a Kannada Magazine, which forced to me write this one.
The story started with a girl sitting and crying in a home care center and recalling her past. The story ends at the same place with the same cry!! and a harsh voice of the caretaker.
That girl's mistake was very silly, she fell in love with her neighbor. They both eloped and started their life happily. 
But her parents were not happy, they took the help of the police. Searched the boy and the girl. Sent the boy to jail and girl to home care center. Everyone in her family behaved very rude with her. According to them, it was the biggest sin to love someone. Mother and father cut off the relationship with their daughter, their own blood. 
I don't want to rewrite the whole story. 
    link here
But this happens in many houses and with many people in real life too.
              Being parents, its their responsibility to care for their children and their  future. Who won't make mistakes in the life? But how much is it fair to behave like this with your own kid. 
According to me,
Children are our mirror. They do whatever we do or we teach. If there is a mistake from your child, its because you are not a good parent. It was your responsibility to keep an eye, and guide them whenever you see them going in a wrong way. 
In other way, if you think, your child has done any mistake and you think its their responsibility, then also,
Who is that child? Your child right? Then why you do not have a big heart to accept your kid with that mistake and give him/her full support and help to come out of that bad thing. Help them to have a new beginning. 
God can not be there everywhere, so he made parents. 
I know I am not so good in expressing my feelings. But I really feel pain in my heart for those children who have the parents like in the story.
If any parent reading this,
Its my humble request to all of you,
Please give your kid a lot of unconditional love and emotional support. 
Guide them when they are in need. Be with them when they want. Listen to them when they are saying something.
If they make mistakes, don't turn back and run away. This is the time they need you..
Don't allow anyone to take any decisions for your kids. 

They are your children and 
At the end of the day, your child is your blood and skin.

With tears in my eyes(yes.. It really hurts me), I am closing this post

Will be back again,


  1. Nivedita

    Very sad!

    Such things happen all over the world but more so in India. In the UK, I am happy to say that most of my friends and relations have accepted their children's relationships.

    I would not like to loose contact with my children and would love them no matter what. I feel blessed to have them in my life and will always stand by them.

  2. @ Minaji
    thanks for reading and for the comments.
    I am happy to know that you got a wonderful kids.All the best.

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  4. so sad.....! have you read my post give you link...

    very similar to yrs on kids